Journal Entry from July 4th, 2019:
An evening reflection as I prepare to step into a brand new chapter of my life.

Yes, you are going to be alone.
No, that does not mean you need to feel lonely - Or afraid.

This is a time of discovery.
You will learn about yourself.

What is important to you, and what isn’t.
The things you truly want/need, and what you don’t.
What is necessary for your joy, and what takes from it.

You will be solely responsible for your feelings and your actions -
No one else’s.
No more weight anymore.

You will have the opportunity to develop
Habits, traditions, mindsets, friendships
Expectations. Boundaries.

Life will be wholly yours -
For the very first time.

You will make mistakes.
Of course you will;
But so will you learn from them.

At the very least, you will learn
That remorse and guilt have no place upon your shoulders,
For all that you do
(so long as it’s you)
Holds a significance in its own right,
Simply in that you chose, and you did.

So do not fear the loneliness,
For the power you find within it will become far greater
Than any fleeting emotion or state of being ever could -
And you will know so much more
About what it means

And how it is
To be.