In January of this year,

I made a promise to myself. I don't usually make New Year's resolutions, but I did just this once: I promised myself that I would stop being afraid of everything, and start taking action and responsibility for the things I have been too scared to do.

As a result of this promise, I started working on a project I have been talking about for a very long time. After over six years of near-constant songwriting, and with a backlog of over 30 songs, I felt like I was finally ready and willing to work on my very first EP. The word "Intrepid" quickly became a motto for me throughout the process. I wanted to use the songs that resulted as a way to embody the spirit of fearlessness and adventure I had never allowed myself to properly explore in the past.

Over the course of the last 3 months, I have slowly been releasing each of the 4 songs Chase Martinez and I have been working so hard on together. Nearly all of them, except for one, were written as brand new assets to this project. Today, I officially uploaded the EP as an album to all major streaming services, and can finally say... it's here!


visit the music tab for links to listen, download, and share the "intrepid" ep