Led by frontwoman Bella Musser, Redamancy is a force to be reckoned with. Their dark, sultry music brings an edgy-yet-familiar sound to the alternative rock scene. The band combines elements of classic rock, psychedelia, blues, and soul while playing upon the influences of Nirvana, Adele, Amy Winehouse, Radiohead, and more. Members include Jonathan Morningstar (drums), Adrian Garay (lead guitar), and Andreas Landeck (bass).

“It seems to me that this band isn’t really going to leave any stone unturned... I was literally pretty damn captivated by Bella’s voice at the show and look forward to other Redamancy concerts in the future.” - Aimee Giese, Greeblehaus


"One Kiss More" is a bright, bubbly anthem meant to bring the love back into love songs.

Written by Bella Musser and produced by Jonah Brockman, this song is all about the impatiently giddy feeling that comes with wanting to see a loved one again. There's a special kind of comfort and joy that comes with knowing you have someone to love - To steal one more kiss from, despite time or distance.

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Intrepid  conveys a fearless, unflinching and adventurous spirit. Combining Musser’s sultry voice and meaningful lyrics with cinematic production by Chase Martinez, each of the four songs creates a soulful presence with relevance in today’s world. Bella subtly infuses her songs with messages relating to intolerance, anxiety, vulnerability, love and heartbreak.


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